Non woven lining Paper – Paintable smooth non woven lining paper

Non woven lining paper (bridging material) is designed to smooth rough surfaces for the final application of wallpaper or paint. It was designed to cover brick, wood paneling, laminate, ceramic tile, cement block, stucco, textured, and damaged walls. Non woven lining paper may also be painted. However, many hang regular non-woven lining paper or float joint compound over the bridging material for a smoother surface. Non-woven lining paper is stronger than glass fibre and feels like paper.

Non woven lining paper is a must for many wallcoverings. Its main purpose is to absorb excess moisture from the finish wall covering and to control the expansion and contraction process of the finish wallpaper during the drying process.

The non woven lining paper of the wallpaper gives twice less seams. The non-woven lining paper is ageing-resistant (the non-woven backing is significantly more resistant to ambient impact compared to paper backing) and is fully removable.

Non woven lining paper:

Non woven lining paper 60 g

25,00 m x 1,06 m
26.50 sqm

82'L x 42"W
285 sq feet

Non woven lining paper 120 g

25,00 m x 1,06 m
26.50 sqm

1 m x 25 m
(25 qm)

Non woven lining paper 130 g

25,00 m x 0,75 m,
75 sqm

82'L x 29,5"W 201 sq feet

Non woven lining paper 150 g

25,00 m x 0,75 m
18,75 sqm

82'L x 29,5"W 201 sq feet

Further Properties:

Dimensionally stable, breathable, water vapour permeable, high level of light resistance, free from glass fibres, skin friendly, capable of bridging cracks, paste the wall, uncoated, unpasted, smooth, ideal basis surface for painting and decorative plastering techniques, ideal for bridging cracks, good base surface sealing, holds its shape – excellent seamless appearance, ideal for refurbishing walls and ceilings, dry-strippable without residue.